Airbus is a multinational European aerospace corporation founded in 1970 and headquartered in France. The company is the primary airline manufacturer of the world and has developed systems for commercial aircraft, defense, space, and heli operations. Though primarily an airline manufacturer, Airbus has supported many aerospace and satcom development projects such as the Space Data Highwaythe Blackjack LEO constellation, and SSTL. The satcom and FSO-related branch of Airbus is the Airbus Defense and Space division. One of the most famous satellite programs to come out of this division is the Eurostar satellite bus series which operates in GEO and exclusively provides communication services.

Airbus Defense and Space Division (ADSD)

ADSD is a division of Airbus that focuses on strictly defense and aerospace product applications. Some of the division’s notable projects include launch vehicles, the Columbus space laboratory for the ISS, multiple Earth observation satellites, Eurostar, a commercial spaceplane for space tourists, and the One Atlas satellite imaging database.

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