PathFinder specializes in the technical management of development programs to create satellite ground terminal solutions to meet the unique and particular needs of each project. We function as your satellite communications engineering and program management team.

Below you will find examples of the types of projects PathFinder routinely performs which are representative of our work and capabilities.  As you will note from these examples, PathFinder is agnostic to antenna and component suppliers.  We identify the best available products to create the most effective and cost beneficial communications solutions.
Antenna Systems & Terminals


PathFinder utilizes state-of-the-art RF and Free Space Optical technology and the highest quality hardware to render fully operational pre-integrated satellite ground terminals ready to put into service.

Whether fixed, manpack, case-mounted fly-away, fly-and-drive, trailer mounted, or vehicle mounted, PathFinder develops and configures any type of system to fulfill the customer’s satellite ground terminal needs. With antenna system configurations ranging in size from airline checkable to large aperture earth-stations, PathFinder’s solutions can operate anywhere in the world on multiple bands including C/L/S/X/Ka/Ku/Q/V/W bands.

Solution Examples:

US Army PM Prophet

The US Army’s PM Prophet Program required mobile ground system VSAT terminals that were Tri-band (Ku, Ka and X) for immediate deployment on the Trojan network as well as future deployment on WIN-T.  The terminals had to be single-case flyaway solutions that could also be removed from the cases and mounted on M-ATV and Panther vehicles.  Both .75M and a 1.2/1.4M systems were required.  Additionally, an integrated and self-switching power supply capable of operating off of NATO DC vehicle and worldwide shore power was needed.  And of course, the system had to meet military specifications for efficient and reliable use under stressful conditions.

PathFinder’s solution was the BAT product line of which 300+ systems have been fielded and battle tested in Iraq and Afghanistan.  PathFinder continues to support General Dynamics Mission Systems as the prime contractor on the US Army PM Prophet Program; Computer Science Corporation which supports the Program’s reset functions; and SES Government Solutions/Americom Government Services which operates the Trojan Network.

PathFinder’s BAT product line is protected under US Patent # 8,867,986 B1.

S-Band Phased Array

A US customer required an airline checkable, single case, S-band MVSAT terminal meeting specific performance criteria.  PathFinder worked with one of its antenna partners to develop a flat panel phased array antenna integrated into a PathFinder designed and engineered terminal to meet the customer’s unique and exact specifications.  The terminal surpassed all expectations operating flawlessly on the satellite network.

The terminal is also being used on the NASA TDRSS network.


Other examples:

Complete End-to-End Systems Integration


PathFinder utilizes state-of-the-art RF and optical laser communications technology and the highest quality hardware integrated with the appropriate satellite bandwidth to render fully operational pre-integrated systems ready to put into service.

PathFinder provides and integrates all necessary hardware, software, and interconnections that are particular to a specific requirement. PathFinder configures, tests, and validates a complete solution based on each customer’s unique needs.

Whether fixed, manpack, case-mounted fly-away, fly-and-drive, trailer mounted, or vehicle mounted, PathFinder develops and configures any type of system to fulfill the customer’s mobile communications needs.  With antenna system configurations ranging in size from airline checkable to large aperture earth-stations, PathFinder’s solutions can operate anywhere in the world on multiple bands including C/L/S/X/Ka/Ku/Q/V/W bands.

SatCom Vehicles


PathFinder designs, builds and equips custom communication trailers to meet its customers’ specific needs.  The customer describes the capabilities they desire and PathFinder designs the solution.  PathFinder’s trailers range from simple single axle trailers accommodating a small satellite terminal and portable generator, to complex mobile command centers equipped with duel satellite terminals, cellular connectivity, WiFi, telephony, networking, remote management, VoIP, BGAN, HVAC, flood lights and PTZ cameras; all powered by self-contained generator and electrical systems.

By using PathFinder, the customer receives a SatCom trailer with all of the capabilities that they need, without having to pay for features that they do not want.

PathFinder provides a variety of trailer platforms; from commercial highway trailers, to ruggedized military trailers, to COW systems.

Trailer Solution Examples:

NASA, Glenn Research Center

NASA Glenn Research Center required a satellite communication trailer serving dual purposes; 24/7 Emergency Communication Services (ECS) in the event of a natural or manmade disaster that disrupted conventional communications, and a Ka Band NASA TDRS capability providing a research over the air evaluation/characterization capability. The trailer was to be field deployable, environmentally controlled and self-contained providing local area networks LANs and Wide Area Networks, WANs with user access both wired (Ethernet) and wireless (802.11) supporting VoIP, Internet Web access and Email.  The TDRSS terminal was to include a 200W TWT amplifier mounted on the feed boom, individual up and down converters, and custom integrated waveguide and supporting feed system.  Other features such as a mast, generator, electrical, lighting, surveillance, and storage capabilities were also required.  PathFinder worked with NASA to develop and build the required SatCom trailer system meeting all of NASA’s needs.

BC Hydro

BC Hydro, a hydroelectric company, required a satellite communications trailer system capable of accommodating a vehicle mounted 2.4M C-band antenna.  The customer also desired that the trailer system provide a heated workspace for its operators and a battery charging system rather than the traditional generator system.  To meet the customer’s needs, PathFinder engineered and built the below “Work Station“ SatCom trailer.  This is just one of the dozens of SatCom trailer systems PathFinder has designed and built to meet customers’ unique needs.

Other examples

Data Plans


PathFinder offers commercial grade broadband Internet access via satellite configured for customer specific applications.


High Speed Internet

PathFinder’s satellite network offers high performance end-to-end networking for voice, video, and data services. The network is a dual-satellite network with world-class, bicoastal teleports. It utilizes the industry’s best commercial satellite technologies to fit the customers’ performance and price objectives by assembling numerous technologies within its product arsenal including Managed Data Services, Terrestrial Circuits, Video, VPNs, Business Television, Corporate TV, Video On Demand & Digital Signage.

Voice & Video

The PathFinder satellite network provides services and capabilities designed around a variety of Video applications which include Video Conferencing, Video Streaming and Video Surveillance. We offer several VoIP solutions to accommodate a range of use cases, from corporate voice requirements to those of emergency management professionals.  We deliver clear and affordable communication anywhere, anytime.

Fixed & Mobile Satellite Solutions

PathFinder offers broadband Internet access and satellite internet services for international and domestic connectivity solutions. These services cater to mobile satellite, fixed satellite and semi-permanent or occasional use requirements, with flexible service plans that include equipment, installation and recurring or temporary commercial satellite airtime.

Red Phone Service

Site-to-Site Phone Calling with No Internet Required.

With the Red Phone service, calls may be made directly to all other terminals on the network via an extension.  Hundreds of local, state and federal emergency management and first responder organizations are already on the network.  Calls never leave the teleport facility, protecting against fiber disruptions and other Internet anomalies.

Solutions Examples:


CNIC Navy required flyaway, auto acquire, MVSAT terminals integrated with telephony capability to meet their emergency management/COOP operational needs.  PathFinder engineered and provided cost effective and user friendly systems paired with a PathFinder satellite data service plan providing the customer CONUS data, video, and voice connectivity.   PathFinder offers a variety of satellite data service plans to meet the needs of its mobile and fixed terminal customers.  PathFinder’s satellite data service plans are particularly well suited to emergency responder applications.

US Army Corp of Engineers

The US Army Corps of Engineers required a linked fixed satellite system to provide via satellite remote SCADA monitoring and control of equipment installed at the Catahoula Lake Control Structure and the Jonesville Lock and Dam.  PathFinder provided the Corps with satellite data services to remotely control the dam gates without having to travel to the Catahoula Lake Control Structure to make gate adjustments on site.  PathFinder offers a variety of customized satellite data service plans and hardware to meet its customers’ needs.


Field Services


Companies like UltiSat and Hughes rely on PathFinder to perform technically demanding and challenging field installation services on satellite command vehicles such as emergency vehicles, command centers, and trailers.  PathFinder’s experienced technicians are available to travel to the customer’s site as needed to install and commission mobile ground satellite systems.

In addition to the installation of satellite terminals, networking equipment, video conferencing, fax/printer and telephony equipment, PathFinder performs complete system commission, test and on-site training.