Free Space Optics vs. Fiber Optics

Free-space optical technology (FSO) uses light, propagating in free space to transmit data between two points. This is useful where physical connections by means of fiber optic cable are impractical due to high costs, lengthy installations or destructive installations.

Similar to Fiber Optics, Free Space Optics uses a light emitting diode or laser as a point source for data transmission. The difference is Free Space Optics uses an energy beam through free space, whereas Fiber Optics uses an energy beam guided through an optical cable.

Free Space Optic communications may provide flexible, easy to install, and license-free line-of-sight wireless communications links. The high speed and large bandwidth offered by light wave communication technology makes FSO (Free Space Optics) very attractive as a means to meet future demand for broadband internet access and high definition television broadcasting services.