MOSTCOM (also MOCTKOM, MOSTKOM, and JSC Mostcom) is a Russian telecommunications company specializing in free-space optics research and development. The name “MOSTCOM” comes from a combination of MOST (Multiple Optical System for Telecom) and COM (communication).

On November 6, 2019, the Russian State corporation Roscosmos granted MOSTCOM an indefinite license for space-related developments in FSO. [1] In addition, on November 27, 2019, MOSTCOM’s space terminals were added to the Glavkosmos approved export equipment list, indicating that the company’s terminals are capable of competing in the world cosmonautics and communications markets. [2]



MOSTCOM’s product line includes outdoor stationary optical terminals (OGS), ground-to-space terminals, space-to-space terminals, and mobile terminals. Most operate with 10 Gbit/s throughput or higher, with intersatellite terminals reaching speeds of 100 Gbps. [3] [4] [5] The company plans to upgrade the space terminals to include quantum key distribution (QKD) and a video surveillance system.

MOSTCOM is also currently researching wireless underwater communication terminals for future product lines. In 2013, the company conducted tests in a 800-mm length aquarium simulating the ocean’s scattering coefficient to research if the development of the technology was feasible. The results showed that the intended link budget, transmitter/receiver spatial characteristics, and the transmission of a real-time video image were all achievable. Full-scale tests in a swimming pool were then conducted to test the strength of the enclosures. [6]


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