BRIDGECOMM, INC. (previously known as BridgeSat) is an American company specializing in optical wireless communications applications. Their goal is to create “a global network of optical ground stations (OGS) designed to support complementary fixed and mobile terminals that provide high-bandwidth, high-security solutions for unique applications.” Their OGS technology operates point-to-point in the infrared range. [1]

BRIDGECOMM owns and operates many OGS with complementary satellites in GEO and LEO orbit. Recently, BRIDGECOMM has branched into hybrid RF communications and states that they will offer a fast and secure worldwide broadband satellite service. Currently, the company has brought low-cost communications to Qatar and plans to develop further in the area. [2]

In September 2018, Boeing HorizonX Ventures invested $10 million into BRIDGECOMM, putting it as the only laser communications company in Boeing’s ventures. [3] In January 2020, BRIDGECOMM and Boeing announced the pioneering of an ultra-fast optical mesh grid for terrestrial, airborne, and space systems using One-to-Many technology. [4]


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